Saturday, June 13, 2009

Technical stuff...

For all you engineers out there - a quick look behind the technical-curtain: Over the last months we implemented a simple but quite nice tool-chain to define our worlds. We started out with a self-define XML-language but realised soon that this approach would need to much time. We then decided to define the entire levels in SVG using Inkscape - with only a few custom SVG-tags and -attributes. The core of our game-engine basically parses the SVG, the physic objects are solved using the really great Box2D physics engine, and everything is then thrown onto the iPhones screen using OpenGL-ES. I am not sure if it finally took more or less time than we expected to implement the SVG-based-rendering system - but it was quite comfortable to have a fully specified vector graphics language plus a really powerfull vector graphics editor as a base to start on.

The picture shows a working copy of one of my favorties: the hippie sky ship level - no graphics yet, only physics. Jörg will show his work on graphics in one of the following posts...

If you didn't understand a single word - lean back and relax - you won't need anything of this to enjoy the game.

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