Sunday, December 6, 2009

New SpongeDude Review at App-reciation Reviews

The site App-reciation Reviews just posted a very nice review of SpongeDude and the Alien Hippies. The only thing they suggested was to add some more tips and hints to help players with the more complex levels. So please, if you played SpogneDude, give us some feedback which levels were exceptional hard and need more hints - we will consider this for the next update.

P.S.: Also check out some of the initial concept art for SpongeDude from our friends at


  1. You have to tell that players have to swing i black hole pun.
    More maps like Jump.
    Minotaur´s Dream is hard to understand for causal gamers...

    How do i get your wondreful soundtrack?

  2. Thanks for the Feedback! We will condsider your suggestions for the next update.

    More about the soundtrack maybe found at


  3. Really loved Spongedude and am disappointed no new levels/sequel yet. Is there anything in the works at all?